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Submission Rules
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Submission Rules

Sites must contain District of Muskoka Content

Sites must have a family viewing rating (No adult content)

Sites cannot contain sexually explicit or links to sexually explicit material either in the form of pictures, words or any related mediums.

Sites cannot contain hate propaganda or any inferences that may be offensive to some individuals or links to such information.

Sites cannot contain material that is considered illegal or deal with illegal issues.

Sites must be of some value for the end user and not just be a web page

We are not responsible for the content of sites listed with this directory, however if we receive any complaints about sites listed in 
this directory we will review the sites content and if we agree with the complaint the site along with any other sites submitted
by that person or owned by that person will be removed from the directory.

Web sites do not have to be physically located in the District of Muskoka, but their place of business must have a physical place for its customers located in the District of Muskoka not a virtual one.

This does not include cottage rentals.

We retain the right to refuse any site and to remove any site without providing any warnings or any explanation what so ever.

If we receive any complaints about any business site not selling with good faith we will review the complaint. If a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached the site will be removed


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