Muskoka Lakes



Clevelands House-Muskoka Lakes, Minett

Rocky Crest Golf Resort-Muskoka Lakesy, Lake Joseph

Shamrock Lodge-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Sherwood Inn-Muskoka Lakes, Lake Joseph

The Baldwins-Muskoka Lakes, Windermere

The Rosseau, A JW Marriott Resort & Spa-Muskoka Lakes, Minett

Windermere House-Muskoka Lakes, Windermere

Hotels, Motels & Inns

Bala Bay Inn-Muskoka Lakes, Bala

Bala-Hy Motel and Cottages-Muskoka Lakes, Bala

Delta Sherwood Inn-Muskoka Lakes, Lake Joseph

Cottage Resorts

Brandy Lake Cottages-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Clear Lake Village Resort-Muskoka Lakes, Torrance

Duff's Cottages-Muskoka Lakes, near Mortimers Point

Forest Rock Resort-Muskoka Lakes, Three Mile Lake

Muskoka Shores Cottages-Muskoka Lakes, Three Mile Lake

Pier 100 Cottages-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

The Birches Cottage Resort with Bed and Breakfast-Muskoka Lakes, Lake Joseph

Bed and Breakfast

Bardsville Best B&B-Muskoka Lakes, Bardsville

Braewood on the Lake-Town of Huntsville, Milford Bay

Streeter's Landing-Muskoka Lakes, near Windermere

Swallowdale Guest House-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

The Birches Cottage Resort with Bed and Breakfast-Muskoka Lakes, Lake Joseph


Travellers Roost-Muskoka Lakes, Three Mile Lake


Activities & Attractions


Clevelands House-Muskoka Lakes, Minett

The Diamond 'in the Ruff'-Muskoka Lakes, Raymond

The Rock-Muskoka Lakes, Minett

Live Entertainment

The Kee to Bala-Muskoka Lakes, Bala

Museums & Historical Sites

Bala's Museum-Muskoka Lakes, Bala

Muskoka Lakes Museum-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling


Hardy Lake Provincial Park-Muskoka Lakes


Lake Joseph Yacht Club-Muskoka Lakesy, Lake Joseph


Bush Watersports Park -Muskoka Lakes, Bala




Township of Muskoka Lakes Public Libraries-Muskoka Lakes


Muskoka Lakes Association-Muskoka lakes, Port Carling

Township of Muskoka Lakes Ratepayers Association
-Muskoka lakes, Port Carling

Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce-Muskoka Lakes, Bala


Rosseau Lake College-Muskoka Lakes, Rosseau



Cottage Law Canteen-Muskoka lakes, Rosseau

Rocky Crest Golf Resort Restaurants-Muskoka Lakes, Lake Joseph

Crossroads Pub & Grill-Muskoka lakes, Rosseau

Moon River Lookout-Muskoka Lakes, Bala

Rebecca’s Casual Fine Dining-Muskoka lakes, Port Carling

Tapps Cottage Eatery-Muskoka lakes, Port Carling

Vintages-Muskoka lakes, Lake Joseph


Shopping & Services

Aircraft Sales & Service

Cloud Air Services Ltd.-Muskoka Lakes, Mortimers Point

Arts &Crafts

Muskoka Place Gallery-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling


Don's Bakery of Bala-Muskoka Lakes, Bala

Boat Sales and Rentals, Restoration

Dis-pro Co.-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Disappearing Propellor Boat Co.-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Purk's Place-Muskoka Lakes, Bala


The Smithy-Muskoka Lakes, Glen Orchard

Builders - Contractors

Cutting Brothers Inc.-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Tamarack North-Muskoka Lakes, Port Sanfield

Westerby Aluminum & Vinyl-Muskoka Lakes, Bala

Joe DaCosta-Muskoka Lakes, Windermere

Building Materials & Equipment

Brent Quarry Ltd.-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Muskoka Lumber-Muskoka Lakes, Bala & Port Carling


Johnston's Cranberries-Muskoka Lakes, Bala


The Right Place-Muskoka Lakes, Milford Bay

Landscape Contractors and Designers

Sundance Gardening and Maintenance-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling


Bala Cove Marina-Muskoka Lakes, Bala

Beaumaris Marina Ltd.-Muskoka Lakes, Beaumaris

Gordon Bay Marine-Muskoka Lakes, Lake Joseph

Muskoka Lakes Marine-Muskoka Lakes, Rosseau

Muskoka Marinas-Muskoka Lakes, Windermere and Skeleton Lake

Port Carling Marine-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Port Sandfield Marina Ltd.-Muskoka Lakes, Port Sandfield

Walkers Point Marina-Muskoka Lakes, Walkers Point

Photos and Photography

Bruce Amos Photography-Muskoka Lakes, Glen Orchard

Paul Bennett Photography-Muskoka Lakes, Raymond

Plumbing & Electrical

R.C. Austin Ltd.-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Ward's Plumbing-Muskoka Lakes, Torrance

Real Estate

Cottage Rentals-Muskoka District

McNabbs of Muskoka-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Remax Muskoka Realty-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling &
Bala & Port Sandfield

Richard Wallace Real Estate-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Snowmobiles - Sales, Rentals & Accessories

H.S.R - Snowmobile Rentals-Muskoka Lakes, Minett

Proline-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling

Sporting Goods

Bait on the Lake-Muskoka Lakes, Port Carling